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Why Bison?

According to the National Bison Association, there are around 500,000 bison today. At one time they were close to being extinct, but the population has rebounded and today bison are seen in many areas of the western United States, including several national and state parks.

Bison population was at one time estimated around 50 million and in the 1890s the population may have been as low as 2,000.

The terms "bison” and “buffalo” are used interchangeably, but technically, all the buffalo in North America are considered American bison.


Nutritional Value of Bison vs. Other Meats

Per 100 grams of cooked lean meat
  Bison Beef Pork Chicken
Fat 2.42 grams 9.28 grams 9.66 grams 7.41 grams
Calories 143 211 212 190
Cholesterol 82 milligrams 86 milligrams 86 milligrams 89 milligrams

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